Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mad Alice FTU

Well I know the new movie is out with Johnny Depp and much as though I like him, him in this movie and Willie Wonka doesnt work for me a purist lol I love the originals better. I just started to think and this gave me an idea for a fun bright kit.....Mad Alice....Im sure this will go with lots of tubes...have fun with it.....hugs stevie xx

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NEW Kit Shammy Luck FTU

Well Im finally back after a LONG time with a new kit...I want to thank all the lovely emails and comments about my kits and tuts and the encouragement you have given me, it made me want to create again, and I thank you , for all of you who do tuts , use my kits or do my tuts TYVM too....
Heres a fast cute kit hope you enjoy it....Hugs Stevie

click no the preview to get the kit...if you like it tell me so and leave some love.....makes me glad to know you do..