Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NEW tut Whats A Girl To Wear?

Whats a girl to wear?

Hiya my gorjuss friends, im back with a quick tut. This kit was sooo pretty by Monica I had to make a tut.

You will need Monicas kit....Just a purple kind of day HERE Monica makes AWESOME kits TYVM
My wordart font and mask layer HERE
And as always the cute work of Suzanne Woolcott HERE

Open a canvas 600 by 570 and floodfill white.
Copy and paste your mask layer.

Make sure you always resize using smartsize, lock aspect ratio unchecked, and
pixels checked.
Always use your favorite drop shadow to your elements, however you like it.

Copy and paste element 8 and resize to 550 by 513
Resize paper 2 to 550 by 550 and copy and paste this and move under your mask layer
Erase any excess over the heart frame.
Copy and paste element 23 resize to 300 by 400 and copy and paste to the right of the tag .
Copy and paste element 28 resize to 300 by 300 and place in the center of the tag.
Copy and paste element 27 and resize 200 by 200 and place to the left of the tag.
Duplicate> Mirror and place to the right
Copy and paste element 18 and move to the right, place this under your heart.
Rotate a bit to the left .
Copy and paste element 5 on top of the heart.
Copy and paste element 9 resize by 170 by 148 , move to the right of thr tag
Copy and paste element 10 resize by 170 by 208
Copy and paste your wordart
Copy and paste your tube.

Add your watermark and font.
save as a png

thats it your done....
Thanks for trying it......

FTU Button Frames

I made these and really didnt have a place to put them...I think they are really cute for some projects...there are 8 frames plus a CU Greyscale for you to color or use in a kit.....
Enjoy them.....Hugssss Stevie

NEW Kit Outside The Rain

I was getting some rain on and off the last few days in NJ, not heavy rain but some rough surf. I was making this kit and these colors worked for some oddball reason, it doesnt look like it will but did , and as most of you might know LOL I hate blue....I do....but know a lot of folks like it. I love Suzannes girls in blue but thats about it, this will go well with lots of those.....
Enjoy it.....Hugs Stevie

Heres a preview of the papers

Get both HERE

Hi freinds....

I hope everybody is doing well, and thats means all my Gorjuss buddies and friends, Ill be in and out the next few days, I got some concerts with my hubby and some singing stuff but I hope youll enjoy these gooodies.
Im am so so thrilled all of you are getting my kits , and enoying them...TYVM for the support....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Tut _ Playing in the Leaves

Hi my gorjuss friends...I diecided to write another tut while im working on 2 more kits. This kit by Mirella is soooooo pretty. And this is one of my fave gorjuss girls......

Playing In The Leaves

You will need Mirellas Fall Delight Kit....Mirella has lovely kits TYVM Mirella HERE
My mask layer wordart and font HERE
and the cute work by Suzanne Woolcott HERE

Open a canvas 570 By 570 and floodfill white.
Copy and paste your mask layer

Always use smartsize to resize and always make sure pixels are checked .
Make sure lock aspect ratio is unchecked.
And use your favorite basic drop shadow on each element.

Resize element 51 to 500 by 485 and copy and paste.
Copy and paste paer 53, grab your magic wand and click inside your frame,
Go back to your paper layer and hit selections, invert delete on your keyboard.
Open element 11 and rotate it < Free Rotate 90 degrees.
Grab your raster deform tool and stretch it it a bit so its straight.
Resize this to 450 by 472
Duplicate element 11, mirror and flip.
Move to the other size of your frame.
Open elements 62 and 63.
Duplicate 62 and move to the right of the frame.
Copy and paste 63 and place in the middle.
Open element 40 and resize to 300 by 343.
Copy and paste this to the left of the frame and move below your flower
Copy and paste element 9 and resize to 100 by 142.
Copy and paste element 8 and resize to 140 by 101
Copy and paste element 45. place over the flowers
Copy and paste element 43 and resoize to 100 by 81
Copy and paste element 2 and reisze to 150 by 256. Move it under your flower, and rotate a bit.
Add your watermark
Copy and paste your tube and position it below your flower a bit
Add your font
Thats it and save your tag as png or Jpeg!
TYVM for trying it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Tut_Friends Make Memories

Ready for one more tut? This is easy peasy and really sweet. I love this lil gorjuss girl so much

Friends Make Memories

You will need the FTU kit from Monica and Lornas blog.....Gothic Romance. Both have terrific kits TYVM HERE .scroll down to the second kit
My wordart font and mask layer HERE

Open a canvas floodfill white 600 by 600.
Copy and paste my mask layer.

Make sure you apply a BASIC drop shadow to each your elements. Any will really do on tags, its truly a matter of what you like and what looks great to you.

Grab Frame 4 and copy and paste it, move it a bit down to touch the bottom of the mask layer. See my tag for reference.
Copy and paste Paper 8 , drop this below the frame layer and with your eraser tool erasse the excess under the frame.
Copy and paste Fan 3 and using your free rotate , rotate this a bit, duplicate this fan mirror and flip.
Open Swirl 2 and resize it 400 by 271. Copy and paste this and move till its above the fan layers. Again duplicate and move it and rotate it a bit to your liking.
Open flowers 5 and 6 and copy and paste them to the left of the tag. Duplicate flower 5 and move it to the right.
Copy and paste the Heart Pillow 3 and move this below your flowers to the left.
Copy and paste bow 12, and place this to the left on top of your grey flower.
Copy and paste jewel 3 over the bow 12 and place it over the center knot of the ribbon.
Open Heartpin 1 and copy and paste to the left of the tag.
Open buttefly 2 and resize to 100 by 80. place above to the top on the left.
Copy and paste the heartcharm 1 and resize 120 by 185. place to the right of the tag.
Copy and paste your tube
Copy and paste your wordart
Add your watermark and font
Thats its your done!
Save as a png or Jpeg

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Tut_ Owl Love You Forever

Owl Love You Forever

You will need Mars kit which is now a FTU HERE Mars work is awesome TYVM Mar for your time and talents. My supplies mask layer font wordart HERE And the very very cute art from Suzanne Woolcott...which with a licence you can get HERE


Open a canvas floodfill white 570 by 570 , you can resize at the end if you like.
Copy and paste my mask layer.
Resize your frame to 500 by 500 sweet blue 21. I always use smartsize for my elements.
Make sure when you resize always that lock aspect ratio is unchecked and its set to pixels.
Copy and paste paper 5 . Grab your magic wand and click inside your frame.
Highlight your paper
Selections, Invert delete.....
Add a basic drop shadow as you go along with your elements then your tube. I find that whatever you like will work best.
Grab elements 39 and 40 ... 340 by 334
Element 38 , 300 by 234 , and free rotate a bit to look like mine move this under your blue flower.
Duplicate and mirror and flip place this under your other flower.
Element 46 resize to 200 by 183 copy and paste between the 2 large flowers
Element 7 resize to 500 by 66 Place this under your frame and erase any excess over the frame.
Element 27 resize to 100 by 98 , Duplicate amd move across from the other element.
Element 63 resize 200 by 217
Element 82 resize 129 by 104
Copy and paste your tube and postion it no the flowers
Add your watermark and font.
Thats it!
Thanks for trying.....

New Tut_ Bootyful Gorjuss

Bootyful Gorjuss

Sue AKA Catarific wanted me to try a animated tut, well I gave it a shot....I got to thank her because withought her lessons for psp and animation shop on her blog, this tut would never have happened, remember I use Photoshop, so this was a bit of challenge....Thanks Sue for being a GREAT teacher....Hugsss Stevie

You will need Mariels Kit Bootyful from her blog HERE TYVM Mariel you do beautiful work!
My mask layer font and animation HERE .

Open a canvas 600 by 600 and floodfill white.
Copy and paste my mask layer provided, if you like recolorize it to suit your needs.
You can do that by going to Adjust > Hue Saturation> Colorize and move the sliders to you achieve a color you do like . Hit ok.

Make sure when you resize to resize using smartsize, resize all layers checked.
Make sure lock aspect ratio is unchecked.
Makes it much easier.

Open elements11, Resize it to 350 by 391
Open element 10 , Resize 300 by 350
Open element 9 and Resize it it 200 by 223 and then rotate this to the right > Image > Rotate
Open element 8 and again rotate this to the right > Image > Rotate
Right resize to 400 by 200

Add a basic dropshadow to all of these as you go along. I used the default ,but go with what you like.

Open Up elements 82 83, 84
Copy and paste each one of the these below your boxes.
Rotate these a bit like you see in my tag.
You can do this by using your pick tool and either free rotating or scaling.

Now the fun part are ya still with me lol
Copy and paste elements of your choice, be creative or follow my tag for a guide.
Add basic drop shadows to all your elements.
Copy and paste your tubes and add drop shadows.
Add your watermark and font

If you like what you see save as a psp file or psd merging all of your layers except the font layer if your making more tags just x that out and merge visable.

Right click on the frame, go to duplicate selected and left click. Duplicate your frames until you have the exact same number of frames as your animation. Save as a psp file.

Open your Star animation in Animation Shop
Now click on Edit >Select all....All your Star frames are now
highlighted ( they will be blue)

Open your tag in animation shop. .the same way you did
the star animation each frame has blue around them also.
Go to your tag frames and again hit the Control and A keys to highlight all your frames in the tag.
Holding down your left mouse key, place your image exactly where you want it in the first frame, and release the left mouse key your animated stars should be where you want in each frame of the tag.

To change the frame speed highlight the frame and right click in the frame and go to Frame Properties. Type in your speed and click ok , if you have more than one with the same speed hold down the shift key and hijglight your frames. Go to any of the highlighted frames and right click, type in your new speed. I used 15 on each frame

Go to Optimazation Wizard gif file , replace current animation with optimazied version.
Better quality image
Next then ok
Make sure you save a psp image of main file if you want to add names to the tag
Phew! we are done!
and if your still with me lol
Thank you very much for trying.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Templates # 1 to 4

I know Halloween is coming up soon and some really love to use these templates. I know I love Halloween templates to make tags. Heres a few to have some fun with.All my templates are PSD format, and yes they can open in PSP no problem, and PS users will have no problems either. You can grab um
Hugs Stevie

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Tut Forever Gorjuss Autumn

I love these new templates by I decided to write a tut.....

Forever Gorjuss Autumn

You will need my kit Autumn Follage. Grab it HERE
My supplies, which is the mask layer and font HERE
And Vixs Template 21 HERE Thanks so much Vix!

Open your template and delete the copyright.
Add a new raster layer and floodfill with white.
Copy and paste the mask layer provided. If you like recolor it to you liking , and if you want make a smaller a bit by using your raster deform tool.
Open your papers for the template.
I used Papers 2 5 and 7.
Minimize them in PSP.
Make sure your forground stroke is set to pattern and click ok.
Then using your magic wand tool, click on each part of them template you want to fill and floodfill
with your paper of choice. I find this much easier than other methods.
Do the same with your Autumn Wordart, or floodfill a color of choice.
Copy and paste your leaves using your raster deform tool to move a little bit and rotate.
Copy and paste your branch, and then duplicate, mirror and flip moving this to the bottom of the template.
Copy and paste your broom , leaves, crow and pumkin and anything else you want to add to your tag.
Add a basic drop shadow of choice to your elements,
Copy and paste your tube and position to where you like.
Add your font and watermark.
Resize your tag if you want a smaller tag.
Thats it!
We are done
TYVM for trying my turtorial

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Kit _Gorgeous love

I made this thinking about the red lil gorjuss girls Suzanne creates, the colors match so well
Grab the kit HERE

NEW Kit Halloween Happy

Heres a fun Halloween kit, lots of bright papers, ghosts pumpkins you name it
It will be great for fun bright tags for taggers like me lol
Go HERE to grab the kit

NEW Kit_ Autumn Folige

This is a pretty simple Fall kit...lots of bright colors and it would look great some of the Woolcott cuties.....
you can grab the papers and the kit

A NEW blog with a Fresh start....

I have as you know or some know decided to close my old blog and start fresh....I really love scrapping and tuts and making tags so I want to try to get back into it again. I will say this all my kits tuts whatever I make will always be FREE, this for me is a hobby and I enojy sharing with my friendsI hope you like what ull be seeing. I will do them as time let me allows.
Most of these days Im really into the delightfull work of Suzanne Woolcott and I really dont tag as well beyond that anymore. I have made so many wonderful friends i the Woolcott community , they are simply the best. So withought me yakking anymore lol let me get on with it...To those who like or love my kits from my older blog , I hope ull migrate...Thanks for the support....